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Here is some of the branding and marketing work we have done in private equity, industrial technology, biotech and consulting services. We help brands remain flexible, always prepared to grow and transform with your business.

Brand Strategy & Foundation

Artemis LP—Private Equity Branding & Website Design
Simple beautiful statements visually defined what Artemis stands for in the world of Industrial Technology.

Brand Positioning for Growth

McDanel Advanced Material Technologies

Fearless innovators working at the forefront of material science.

Brand Definition

Seedling Partners

Clear definitions along with an audience-centric focus for a robust brand foundation.

Realignment & Focus

Keystone Partners

Brand realignment workshops and deliverables for a leader in career management.

Logo & Brand Foundation


Growth of a portfolio company post acquisition relies on a strong brand foundation and brand revamp.

Brand Presence for Biotech


That’s why we teamed up to put our heads (and hearts) together to tackle this issue head-on.

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