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Brand Evolution: Are you making sure your brand is progressing?

Brands evolve, people evolve and relationships evolve. This is the beauty of life, there is so much more to learn, so many new things to see.

The opportunities for business and branding are endless when you get in the right state of mind. That correct state of mind can mean coming up with new ideas, changing course, or readjusting the one you are on. Why? Because life is progress and we must keep moving! Progress is THE LAW of life and, in turn is also a law of business and living. If you are in a business, you must strive to make things better because the winding road of business demands it—nothing stays the same. As business people (anyone who has a job) and entrepreneurs (anyone who tries to create jobs) we must constantly be on the lookout for opportunities to make our jobs better: this may result in increased sales, newer products, a raise or even a promotion. Either way, change happens.

When it comes to the person; by striving to better yourself,—may it be working better, learning something new or making a change—you are positioning yourself to be more receptive to the right idea. The right idea is the inspired thought that allows us to make the correct decisions in life. This applies to ourselves, but also to relationships and attracting the right person. The more you do—the more you work at doing better—the more you attract people around you. Nobody wants to be with an underachiever or a know-it-all, nor do they want to be with someone who won’t change or evolve for the better. It is either time to move on, change or attract the right person.

"I attach to the definition of evolution with having the right idea. Without it, you stagnate, cease to grow and fail. Any good entrepreneur will agree that having an open mind is key to having the laws of attraction work in your favor."
Marc Rust

Having the right idea doesn’t necessarily mean to have business ideas, project ideas, or product ideas; it’s about being in the correct state of mind. A state of mind that positions your outlook to be receptive to changing directions or adjust directions when needed under the guidance of wisdom. Some may call this an open mind. I think it is a willingness to be more childlike, to be curious with a desire to learn more.

Some of the best new innovative products out there are products that offer a new solution you didn’t think about before. Its as if someone just asked “what if we could do it this way?”

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