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Brand Equity: The Hidden Driver Behind Private Equity Portfolio Valuations

The value of brand equity

Let’s face it—you judge a book by its cover! Branding and marketing are crucial factors that contribute to the success and growth of companies. Private equity (PE) firms, known for their investments in various businesses, have recognized the significant impact that effective branding and marketing strategies can have on increasing the valuations of their portfolio companies. Let’s explore how branding and marketing efforts have become instrumental in driving higher valuations for PE portfolio companies, ultimately generating increased returns for investors.

Building a Strong Brand for Portfolio Companies

A strong brand is an intangible asset that differentiates a company from its competitors and builds trust among customers. PE firms are increasingly focusing on enhancing brand value within their portfolio companies. By investing in comprehensive brand development strategies, these firms aim to position their companies as market leaders and create a lasting impact on consumers.


Effective branding helps portfolio companies stand out in crowded markets by emphasizing their unique value proposition. It enables companies to communicate their strengths, values, and quality, giving them a competitive edge over rivals. This differentiation can translate into increased market share and pricing power, both of which contribute to higher valuations.

Customer Loyalty

A well-established brand fosters customer loyalty and creates a base of repeat customers with a strong story. Simply put, the stronger the brand story, the stronger the customer engagement. By delivering consistent experiences and maintaining strong relationships, portfolio companies can secure a loyal customer base. This customer loyalty not only drives revenue but also enhances the overall valuation of the business due to its predictable revenue streams and potential for future growth.

Perceived Value

A strong brand has the power to influence customers’ perceptions of a company’s value proposition. Through effective marketing campaigns, PE portfolio companies can create a positive brand image and convey their expertise, reliability, and innovation. This enhanced perceived value allows companies to command premium pricing. A redesign that puts a company “back on the map” not only makes them look good, but also stand out vis-à-vis the competition.

Strategic Marketing Initiatives to drive brand awareness

Marketing efforts play a pivotal role in creating brand awareness, driving customer acquisition, retention, and increasing revenue. PE firms recognize the importance of implementing robust marketing strategies to maximize the growth potential of their portfolio companies.

Driving Energy

Many portfolio companies with a proven track record fail to recognize that being acquired by a PE company is a new era that needs to be celebrated. This often has an impact on culture and must be addressed as an opportunity to turn momentum into energy. Updating or adjusting the look-and-feel, restating what the portfolio company stands for, and showing why it is such a good asset are important business drivers. These definitions and statements are the “language” that should be used going forward as a recognizable event that will be talked about!

Product and Service Innovation

Marketing goes hand in hand with innovation. PE portfolio companies that invest in continuous product and service enhancements, guided by consumer insights, are better positioned to capture market share and command higher valuations. Strategic marketing initiatives can effectively communicate these innovations to target audiences, increasing the perceived value of the company.

Market Expansion

Entering new markets or expanding geographically presents opportunities for portfolio companies to drive growth and increase valuations. Successful market expansion requires well-executed marketing strategies that identify target markets, tailor messaging, and establish strong distribution networks. By effectively communicating their value proposition to new audiences, companies can drive demand.

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