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At its core, Seedling Partners empowers businesses to change through deeply insightful shared
experiences. They uncover the skills necessary to grow dynamic learning cultures working with the people who care the most about business growth.

Brand Name and Logo Design

Consequently Creative worked closely with the team at Barbara Perry Partners to create and evolve their new partnership into a new brand name—Seedling Partners, LLC— with a new logo to fit the organization’s direction.

A brand is more than fonts and images or look and feel. A brand is the expression of an organization’s essence, its character. It provides pathways for the people it serves—inside and outside the organization— to understand everything the organization intends to achieve and how it intends to achieve it.

Strong Results

It was an organic and seamless experience collaborating with Seedling Partners. We successfully established a robust brand foundation that included audience-focused messaging, clear definitions, a fresh aesthetic, and a vibrant, inviting color scheme.

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